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2x01: The Return

Out of Our Hands, by Gemma Hayes
Bonnie goes visit Caroline at Hospital, and find out that she's fine.

How to Save A Life, by Piano Tribute Players (original from The Fray)
Played during mayor's funeral. Bonnie speaks with Damon about mayor's death.

Breakeven, by Piano Tribute Players (original from The Spirit)
Played during mayor's funeral. Stefan and Katherine walking around the funeral.

Wonderful Life, by Hurts
Tyler drinking in a private room with Jeremy and his brother walks in.

The River Has Run Wild, by Mads Langer
Tyler looks at a family photo and get's angry. His brother step in to calm him down.

Come Home by One Republic and Sara Bareilles
Damon is drunk in Elena's bedroom and tries to kiss her.


How did you guys feel about episode 1?

Xoxo, Elle

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Vamp Diaries is Back TONIGHT

Are you ready for season 02??

Tomorrow the music from episode 01 will be uploaded. (:


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Update: The end is here!

I can't believe Season One has finally came to an end.

So the songs from episode 22 and the scenes from episode 21 is up! I also put youtube videos of the songs featured in episode 22. Hope you all enjoy it.

I'll find something interesting to update here during the break!

If you have a suggestion feel free to let me know at: geekelle (at) gmail.com

In the meanwhile let's just stare at the best thing vampire diarie brought to us:

Damon and Stefan Salvatore

Xoxo, Elle

1x22: Founder's Day

Every Time You Go - Ellie Goulding
Everyone getting ready for Founder's Day

You’ve Changed - Sia
Bonnie takes pictures of Matt and Caroline; Elena try to talk to Jeremy

It Is What It Is - Lifehouse
Elena asks Damon to stop flerting with her; Elena asks Jeremy what she can do to make things alright again.

True Faith - Anberlin
Matt and Caroline at the bar; Mayer Lockwood fights Tyler and asks him to go home with Matt and Caroline

Bloodstream - Stateless
Kiss between Damon and Elena

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1x21: Isobel

Giving Up the Gun - Vampire Weekend

Alaric in class; Caroline and Bonnie chatting about the parade, Caroline asks Bonnie why she's not talking to Elena

All The Same to Me - Anya Marina
John meets Isobel

Our War - Neon Trees
Elena thanks Stefan for being with her at Mystic Grill while waiting for Isobel

Sing - Sounds Under Radio
Elena asks Isobel why she wanted to meet her

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
Damon playing strip poker with Cherry, Isobel arrives

We Share The Same Skies - The Cribs
Tyler talks with Matt while he's working at one of the parade cars

Laredo - Band of Horses
Jeremy asks Elena about Anna and tell her he knows about the Vampires
Scenes will be up tomorrow!

1x20: Blood Brothers

Marching On (Timbo Version) - Timbaland with One Republic
Elena and Damon chating before school; Anna tells Jeremy that she's a student at Mystic Falls School.

Click - Little Boots
Pearl meets John no Mystic Grill and talk.

In Line - Robert Skoro
Jeremy talks with Anna about John and Pearl's past; They make love in the bed

Thinking of You - Jamie McDonald
Pearl asks John about Gilbert's mysterious invention

Song for the Waiting - Aron Wright
Anna says goodbye to Jeremy still in bed

We'll Be a Dream - We The Kings
Alaric at bar; Isobel shows up

1x19: Miss Mystic Falls

Never Coming Down - Faber Drive
Stefan driving to school

On The Beautiful Blue Danube - Johann Strauss
Elena and Stefan at the reharsal for the ball; Caroline and Bonnie talking at school

Yellow - Vitamin String Quartet
Anna talking to Damon at the party

Clocks - Vitamin String Quartet
John and Jeremy talking about Johnathan Gilbert at party

Menuet Celebre - Luigi Boccherini
Presentation of the Contestants; Caroline convinces Elena to don’t drop the contest

All I Need - Within Temptation
Elena and Damon dancing at Miss Mystic Falls party

1x18: Under Control

You & I -
Black Mustang
Stefan exercices while Damon arrives and turn off the radio

Yeah! - The Golden Dogs
Jeremy and Tyler talking about Vicky’s death

1901 - Phoenix
Stefan dancing with Kelly

White Night - The Postelles
Jenna and Elena talking, Alaric shows up and talks to Jenna; Matt and Elena dancing; Damon and Liz Forbes chatting

Use Your Love - Katy Perry
Stefan dancing with Elena till she hits a guy

Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore
Damon tells Elena that Jeremy hás been asking about Vicki; John talks Damon about the vampires

Hey Hey Girl - The Virgins
Tyler admits to Kelly that he was bad for Vicki; Elena and Matt watch Tyler and Kelly kissing

Does This Mean You’re Moving On? - The Airborne Toxic Event
Damon tells Stefan that John Gilbert is dead; Stefan almost loose control when see Kelly’s blood.

To Be Your Loss - The Morning After Girls
Damon sees John heading back to the party

1x17: Let The Right One In

Let Me Take You Out - Class Actress

Anna asks Jeremy about his bracellet; Matt and Caroline talking about Matt’s mom.

I Was Wrong - The Morning Benders
Jeremy tries to convince Anna to turn him; Mayer Lockwood invites Pearl and Anna to join him for dinner

Resignation Studies - The Silent League
Caroline gets lost while driving, try to call Matt

Young Men Dead - The Black Angels
Alaric get inside the house of vampires

Boy - Lights On
Pearl talks to Mayer Lockwood while Matt and Tyler watch from far

Young Lovers (Sam Sparro Edit) - Love Grenades
Caroline listening to music in the car while trying to call from cellphone

East - Systems Officer
Anna texting Jeremy

Conscience Killer - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
It plays during the scenes in the Vampires House

All You Wanted - Sounds Under Radio
Final Scenes

1x16: There Goes The Neighorhood

Better Than This -
Damon asks Elena about her plans for Isobel; Matt asks Caroline to try being nice with his mom

CloudHead - In-Flight Safety
Damon and Kelly Donovan chatting at the bar, Jenna joins them.

The Ocean - Tegan and Sara
During their Double-date, Matt, Caroline, Elena and Stefan see Kelly, Jenna and Damon drinking together.

Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench
Damon talks about his problems for Jenna; Elena, Caroline and Matt remembering the Ball they got drunk; Kelly and Jenna trying to hide at the bar.

Perfect Day - The Constellations
Matt talks to Stefan; Caroline asks Elena to talk less with Matt; Elena passa por Frederick who thinks she’s Katherine

Crash / Land - In-Flight Safety
Damon and Kelly flirting, Jenna leaves

Lovesick Mistake - Erin McCarley
Caroline tells Elena how she always feel like a substitute; Matt and Caroline go for a ride in Stefan’s car

The Mess I Made - Parachute
Matt asks Caroline if he pass “Elena’s” test, they make out in the car

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1x15: A Few Good Men

Black Hearts (On Fire) - Jet
Damon partying, Stefan arrives

Time Is A Runaway - The Alternate Routes
Damon drinks with Alaric at the bar; Sheriff Forbes asks Damon to help with the Bachelor auction of the Founders Council.

Your Eyes Are Liars - Sound Team
Jenna tells Alaric to talk with Elena about Isobel

Real You - Above The Golden State
Matt’s mom talks to him, Elena and Caroline at The Grill; Damon talking with Mrs. Lockwood; Sheriff Forbes shares information about Alaric for Damon

Winter Night - Sweet Thing
Mrs. Lockwood introducing the Bachelors

Something In Common - Free Energy
Caroline congrats Matt’s mom for her victory

Portrait Of A Summer Thief - Sounds Under Radio
Jenna wins Alaric at the auction

1x14: Fool Me Once

Can’t Fight It - Oh Mercy
Caroline asks Jeremy where’s Elena;

Before It Gets Better - Earlimart
Caroline talks with Matt and give him a chance of dropping their relationship

Answer To Yourself - The Soft Pack
Damon and Elena talks to Matt and Caroline at Duke’s party

In A Cave - Tokyo Police Club
Ty asks Jeremy for drugs; Anna meets Jeremy

Every Summer - U.S. Royalty
Jeremy and Anna walk thought the forest, she tells him about leaving town

Out Tonight - The Steps
Ty and Matt talking about Caroline; Caroline apologizes with Matt

All You Do Is Talk - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Matt and Caroline decide to try out the relationship

Run - Leona Lewis
Elena talks with Stefan on the phone and asks about Damon; Stefan and Damon in silence near the fire; Bonnie finds her grandmother unconscious

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1x13: Children Of The Damned

When You’re Ready - Kate Earl
Damon makes dinner to Jenna; Elena arrives at home

Floating Vibes - Surfer Blood
Bonnie and bem talks about karaoke and Elena

Goodbye - Elefant
Bonnie calls Elena from The Grill

Stellar - Experimental Aircraft
Bonnie has a feeling about Ben being a vampire when they kiss

1x12: Unpleasantville

There’s This There’s That - We Barbarians
Matt tells Benvai to work at The Grill; Elena tells Bonnie about being adopted.

Pacer - Systems Officer
Anna asks Jeremy about his history paper.

This Magic Moment - The Misfits (feat. Ronnie Spector)
Alaric see Damon, Elena and Stefan arriving at the ball; Alaric offers himself to get Jenna a drink; Bonnie and Caroline talks to Elena about Damon being at the party;

Everyday - Rogue Wave
Jenna asks Alaric about his wife; Caroline and Boonie tell Damon to back off; Elena asks Stefan for a dance.

Dreams Are For The Lucky - Jef Scott
Elena asks Stefan about the 50’s; Anna meets Jeremy

Keep It Cool (Bo Flex Remix) - U.S. Royalty
Caroline e Bonnie arriving at The Grill

Runaway - The Misfits part. especial John Cafiero
Alaric and Damon talks about Stefan

Everybody - AutoVaughn
Bonnie calls Ben on a date; Matt starts acting weird about Caroline

Slow Dance - Jocko Marcellino
Anna asks Jeremy IF she can borrow his grandfathers diaries; Stefan apologizes about dragging Elena to the ball.

Great Balls Of Fire - The Misfits
Stefan dancing with Elena like in the 50’s

My Boyfriend’s Back - The Raveonettes
Elena and Stefan see Damon dancing with a blonde girl; Elena receives a threatening call from Noah;

Now That We’ve Grown - St Leonards
Matt tells Caroline that he’s still not over Elena

1x11: Bloodlines

Cosmic Love - Florence and The Machine
Alaric remember saying goodbye to his

An End Has A Start – Editors
Elena wake up in a car with Damon

On A Mission - The Dandelions
Elena asks Damon about the vampire she saw.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Black Mustang
Damon drags Elena to a bar in other city

Can’t Stop These Tears (From Falling) - The Black Hollies
Bree and Elena talking about Damon

Trouble - Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
Damon asking Bree to help him rescue Katherine

Push - The Steps
Stefan calls Elena; She asks him about her relationship with Katherine.

Pepper Spray - The Upsidedown
Elena asks Damon about Katherine

The Night Before - The Stereotypes
Elena and Damon drinking

Look Inside - The Dig
Anna and Jeremy playing and chatting about Jeremy’s grandfather; Jenna calls Elena

Only One - Alex Band
Bree tells Damon how to break Emily’s spell.

Out Of The Blue - Julian Casablancas
Elena asks Damon why he took her to Georgia.

Nothing Is Logical - The Bell
Alaric remembers Damon hitting his wife

1x10: The Turning Point

Chances - Five For Fighting
Jeremy reads his grandfather diaries; Jenna asks Elena about Stefan’s leaving; Damon and Stefan discuss.

Coast Of Carolina – Telekinesis
Matt and Tyler chat about Caroline playing basketball

Off Track - The Features
Sheriff Forbs and Mayer Lockwood discuss about vampires; Matt and Elena chat about Stefan and Caroline.

Cut - Plumb
Stefan and Elena making love

This Is Beautiful - Tyrone Wells
Matt gives Tyler a ride home; Sheriff Forbes looking Caroline asleep; Stefan and Elena chatting in the bed

WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry for not posting for such a long time, but since my youtube account was deleted by youtube without any previous warning I got so sad and I just didn't felt like posting and stuff. But Vampire Diaries is back and with better music than ever. So in the next few hours I'll be uploading the entire list, from episode 10 to 20 – episode by episode.

About the youtube account? I'm not sure if I'll create another one, it's just too much trouble for seeing it get deleted again (something that will happen eventually) so I’m still thinking about it.

Let’s get started, huh?

Xoxo, Elle.