sexta-feira, abril 30, 2010

1x12: Unpleasantville

There’s This There’s That - We Barbarians
Matt tells Benvai to work at The Grill; Elena tells Bonnie about being adopted.

Pacer - Systems Officer
Anna asks Jeremy about his history paper.

This Magic Moment - The Misfits (feat. Ronnie Spector)
Alaric see Damon, Elena and Stefan arriving at the ball; Alaric offers himself to get Jenna a drink; Bonnie and Caroline talks to Elena about Damon being at the party;

Everyday - Rogue Wave
Jenna asks Alaric about his wife; Caroline and Boonie tell Damon to back off; Elena asks Stefan for a dance.

Dreams Are For The Lucky - Jef Scott
Elena asks Stefan about the 50’s; Anna meets Jeremy

Keep It Cool (Bo Flex Remix) - U.S. Royalty
Caroline e Bonnie arriving at The Grill

Runaway - The Misfits part. especial John Cafiero
Alaric and Damon talks about Stefan

Everybody - AutoVaughn
Bonnie calls Ben on a date; Matt starts acting weird about Caroline

Slow Dance - Jocko Marcellino
Anna asks Jeremy IF she can borrow his grandfathers diaries; Stefan apologizes about dragging Elena to the ball.

Great Balls Of Fire - The Misfits
Stefan dancing with Elena like in the 50’s

My Boyfriend’s Back - The Raveonettes
Elena and Stefan see Damon dancing with a blonde girl; Elena receives a threatening call from Noah;

Now That We’ve Grown - St Leonards
Matt tells Caroline that he’s still not over Elena

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