sexta-feira, abril 30, 2010

1x11: Bloodlines

Cosmic Love - Florence and The Machine
Alaric remember saying goodbye to his

An End Has A Start – Editors
Elena wake up in a car with Damon

On A Mission - The Dandelions
Elena asks Damon about the vampire she saw.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Black Mustang
Damon drags Elena to a bar in other city

Can’t Stop These Tears (From Falling) - The Black Hollies
Bree and Elena talking about Damon

Trouble - Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
Damon asking Bree to help him rescue Katherine

Push - The Steps
Stefan calls Elena; She asks him about her relationship with Katherine.

Pepper Spray - The Upsidedown
Elena asks Damon about Katherine

The Night Before - The Stereotypes
Elena and Damon drinking

Look Inside - The Dig
Anna and Jeremy playing and chatting about Jeremy’s grandfather; Jenna calls Elena

Only One - Alex Band
Bree tells Damon how to break Emily’s spell.

Out Of The Blue - Julian Casablancas
Elena asks Damon why he took her to Georgia.

Nothing Is Logical - The Bell
Alaric remembers Damon hitting his wife

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