sexta-feira, abril 30, 2010

1x13: Children Of The Damned

When You’re Ready - Kate Earl
Damon makes dinner to Jenna; Elena arrives at home

Floating Vibes - Surfer Blood
Bonnie and bem talks about karaoke and Elena

Goodbye - Elefant
Bonnie calls Elena from The Grill

Stellar - Experimental Aircraft
Bonnie has a feeling about Ben being a vampire when they kiss

1x12: Unpleasantville

There’s This There’s That - We Barbarians
Matt tells Benvai to work at The Grill; Elena tells Bonnie about being adopted.

Pacer - Systems Officer
Anna asks Jeremy about his history paper.

This Magic Moment - The Misfits (feat. Ronnie Spector)
Alaric see Damon, Elena and Stefan arriving at the ball; Alaric offers himself to get Jenna a drink; Bonnie and Caroline talks to Elena about Damon being at the party;

Everyday - Rogue Wave
Jenna asks Alaric about his wife; Caroline and Boonie tell Damon to back off; Elena asks Stefan for a dance.

Dreams Are For The Lucky - Jef Scott
Elena asks Stefan about the 50’s; Anna meets Jeremy

Keep It Cool (Bo Flex Remix) - U.S. Royalty
Caroline e Bonnie arriving at The Grill

Runaway - The Misfits part. especial John Cafiero
Alaric and Damon talks about Stefan

Everybody - AutoVaughn
Bonnie calls Ben on a date; Matt starts acting weird about Caroline

Slow Dance - Jocko Marcellino
Anna asks Jeremy IF she can borrow his grandfathers diaries; Stefan apologizes about dragging Elena to the ball.

Great Balls Of Fire - The Misfits
Stefan dancing with Elena like in the 50’s

My Boyfriend’s Back - The Raveonettes
Elena and Stefan see Damon dancing with a blonde girl; Elena receives a threatening call from Noah;

Now That We’ve Grown - St Leonards
Matt tells Caroline that he’s still not over Elena

1x11: Bloodlines

Cosmic Love - Florence and The Machine
Alaric remember saying goodbye to his

An End Has A Start – Editors
Elena wake up in a car with Damon

On A Mission - The Dandelions
Elena asks Damon about the vampire she saw.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Black Mustang
Damon drags Elena to a bar in other city

Can’t Stop These Tears (From Falling) - The Black Hollies
Bree and Elena talking about Damon

Trouble - Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
Damon asking Bree to help him rescue Katherine

Push - The Steps
Stefan calls Elena; She asks him about her relationship with Katherine.

Pepper Spray - The Upsidedown
Elena asks Damon about Katherine

The Night Before - The Stereotypes
Elena and Damon drinking

Look Inside - The Dig
Anna and Jeremy playing and chatting about Jeremy’s grandfather; Jenna calls Elena

Only One - Alex Band
Bree tells Damon how to break Emily’s spell.

Out Of The Blue - Julian Casablancas
Elena asks Damon why he took her to Georgia.

Nothing Is Logical - The Bell
Alaric remembers Damon hitting his wife

1x10: The Turning Point

Chances - Five For Fighting
Jeremy reads his grandfather diaries; Jenna asks Elena about Stefan’s leaving; Damon and Stefan discuss.

Coast Of Carolina – Telekinesis
Matt and Tyler chat about Caroline playing basketball

Off Track - The Features
Sheriff Forbs and Mayer Lockwood discuss about vampires; Matt and Elena chat about Stefan and Caroline.

Cut - Plumb
Stefan and Elena making love

This Is Beautiful - Tyrone Wells
Matt gives Tyler a ride home; Sheriff Forbes looking Caroline asleep; Stefan and Elena chatting in the bed

WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry for not posting for such a long time, but since my youtube account was deleted by youtube without any previous warning I got so sad and I just didn't felt like posting and stuff. But Vampire Diaries is back and with better music than ever. So in the next few hours I'll be uploading the entire list, from episode 10 to 20 – episode by episode.

About the youtube account? I'm not sure if I'll create another one, it's just too much trouble for seeing it get deleted again (something that will happen eventually) so I’m still thinking about it.

Let’s get started, huh?

Xoxo, Elle.