sexta-feira, maio 07, 2010

1x21: Isobel

Giving Up the Gun - Vampire Weekend

Alaric in class; Caroline and Bonnie chatting about the parade, Caroline asks Bonnie why she's not talking to Elena

All The Same to Me - Anya Marina
John meets Isobel

Our War - Neon Trees
Elena thanks Stefan for being with her at Mystic Grill while waiting for Isobel

Sing - Sounds Under Radio
Elena asks Isobel why she wanted to meet her

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
Damon playing strip poker with Cherry, Isobel arrives

We Share The Same Skies - The Cribs
Tyler talks with Matt while he's working at one of the parade cars

Laredo - Band of Horses
Jeremy asks Elena about Anna and tell her he knows about the Vampires
Scenes will be up tomorrow!

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