sexta-feira, maio 07, 2010

1x17: Let The Right One In

Let Me Take You Out - Class Actress

Anna asks Jeremy about his bracellet; Matt and Caroline talking about Matt’s mom.

I Was Wrong - The Morning Benders
Jeremy tries to convince Anna to turn him; Mayer Lockwood invites Pearl and Anna to join him for dinner

Resignation Studies - The Silent League
Caroline gets lost while driving, try to call Matt

Young Men Dead - The Black Angels
Alaric get inside the house of vampires

Boy - Lights On
Pearl talks to Mayer Lockwood while Matt and Tyler watch from far

Young Lovers (Sam Sparro Edit) - Love Grenades
Caroline listening to music in the car while trying to call from cellphone

East - Systems Officer
Anna texting Jeremy

Conscience Killer - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
It plays during the scenes in the Vampires House

All You Wanted - Sounds Under Radio
Final Scenes

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