segunda-feira, maio 03, 2010

1x14: Fool Me Once

Can’t Fight It - Oh Mercy
Caroline asks Jeremy where’s Elena;

Before It Gets Better - Earlimart
Caroline talks with Matt and give him a chance of dropping their relationship

Answer To Yourself - The Soft Pack
Damon and Elena talks to Matt and Caroline at Duke’s party

In A Cave - Tokyo Police Club
Ty asks Jeremy for drugs; Anna meets Jeremy

Every Summer - U.S. Royalty
Jeremy and Anna walk thought the forest, she tells him about leaving town

Out Tonight - The Steps
Ty and Matt talking about Caroline; Caroline apologizes with Matt

All You Do Is Talk - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Matt and Caroline decide to try out the relationship

Run - Leona Lewis
Elena talks with Stefan on the phone and asks about Damon; Stefan and Damon in silence near the fire; Bonnie finds her grandmother unconscious

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