sexta-feira, maio 07, 2010

1x16: There Goes The Neighorhood

Better Than This -
Damon asks Elena about her plans for Isobel; Matt asks Caroline to try being nice with his mom

CloudHead - In-Flight Safety
Damon and Kelly Donovan chatting at the bar, Jenna joins them.

The Ocean - Tegan and Sara
During their Double-date, Matt, Caroline, Elena and Stefan see Kelly, Jenna and Damon drinking together.

Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench
Damon talks about his problems for Jenna; Elena, Caroline and Matt remembering the Ball they got drunk; Kelly and Jenna trying to hide at the bar.

Perfect Day - The Constellations
Matt talks to Stefan; Caroline asks Elena to talk less with Matt; Elena passa por Frederick who thinks she’s Katherine

Crash / Land - In-Flight Safety
Damon and Kelly flirting, Jenna leaves

Lovesick Mistake - Erin McCarley
Caroline tells Elena how she always feel like a substitute; Matt and Caroline go for a ride in Stefan’s car

The Mess I Made - Parachute
Matt asks Caroline if he pass “Elena’s” test, they make out in the car

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