segunda-feira, maio 03, 2010

1x15: A Few Good Men

Black Hearts (On Fire) - Jet
Damon partying, Stefan arrives

Time Is A Runaway - The Alternate Routes
Damon drinks with Alaric at the bar; Sheriff Forbes asks Damon to help with the Bachelor auction of the Founders Council.

Your Eyes Are Liars - Sound Team
Jenna tells Alaric to talk with Elena about Isobel

Real You - Above The Golden State
Matt’s mom talks to him, Elena and Caroline at The Grill; Damon talking with Mrs. Lockwood; Sheriff Forbes shares information about Alaric for Damon

Winter Night - Sweet Thing
Mrs. Lockwood introducing the Bachelors

Something In Common - Free Energy
Caroline congrats Matt’s mom for her victory

Portrait Of A Summer Thief - Sounds Under Radio
Jenna wins Alaric at the auction

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