sábado, setembro 11, 2010

2x01: The Return

Out of Our Hands, by Gemma Hayes
Bonnie goes visit Caroline at Hospital, and find out that she's fine.

How to Save A Life, by Piano Tribute Players (original from The Fray)
Played during mayor's funeral. Bonnie speaks with Damon about mayor's death.

Breakeven, by Piano Tribute Players (original from The Spirit)
Played during mayor's funeral. Stefan and Katherine walking around the funeral.

Wonderful Life, by Hurts
Tyler drinking in a private room with Jeremy and his brother walks in.

The River Has Run Wild, by Mads Langer
Tyler looks at a family photo and get's angry. His brother step in to calm him down.

Come Home by One Republic and Sara Bareilles
Damon is drunk in Elena's bedroom and tries to kiss her.


How did you guys feel about episode 1?

Xoxo, Elle

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  1. thank you so much for the songs!:)
    i'm absolute :@ after watching this episode :D
    i love the vampire diaries :)

  2. Hi there..
    I love you blog..It helped me a lot in finding interesting & indies music of vampire diaries.Mostly I love them..
    I'll keep waiting for your post about the cool songs of this series...
    Keep up the good work..
    God Bless You..