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VAMPIRE DIARIES Original Soundtrack - Episode 04 (Family Ties)

All We Are - Matt Nathanson
Stefan dances with Elena and they have a fight

Back In Time - V V Brown (Download)
Stefan looking over the loans.
I'm Not Over - Carolina Liar
Elena geeting ready to the party with Bonnie and talking with Jeremy about the pocket watch.

Brightest Hour - The Submarine
Plays since Elena talking to Bonnie about her fight with Stefan, till she sees the bites marks in Caroline's body.

I'm A Lady - Santigold
Vicky servs Ty and his parents.
Fallout - Sofi Bonde
Stefan dances with Caroline. Damon talks to Elena.

Opposite Direction - Union Of Knives
Caroline choosing her dress while Damon's reading New Moon

Wild Place - Glass Pear (Download)
Vicky and Tyler have another fight
Shadows Of Ourselves - Thievery Corporation
Damon and Caroline arriving at the party.

I'm so sorry guys, I forgot one song!

Believer - Viva Voce (Download)
Plays when Damon bites Caroline and get poisoned.

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