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E03 - Friday Night Bites

VAMPIRE DIARIES Original Soundtrack - Episode 03 (Friday Night Bites)

Plays while Elena is in cheerleader practice.
Strange Times Black Keys
Plays during Stefan's football practice.
You’re A WolfSea Wolf
Plays when Caroline and Damon crash at Elena's dinner with Stefan and Bonnie.

Can’t Fight It Oh Mercy
Plays while Elena is preparing dinner for Stefan.
Blue DayDarker My Love
Plays in Damon's car when he's arriving with Caroline to cheerleader practice.
The Airborne Toxic Event
Elena meets Stefan before the game, and tells she quit cheerleading

Temptation – Moby
Starts when Vicky is telling Jeremy is was not about the drugs only, and cotinues till the end of the episode.
Slow Poison – The Bravery

Elena arrives at school with Bonnie

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