sábado, outubro 10, 2009


VAMPIRE DIARIES Original Soundtrack - Episode 05 (You're Undead To Me)

Wait It Out - Imogen Heap
Elena wakes up, decide not to write in her diary and sees
Vicky in the bathroom.

When A Heart Breaks - S.O.Stereo
Plays while Elena is playing with Matt.

Be There - Howie Day
Elena and Stefan doing dinner, Vicky and Jeremy talking about getting high

Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
Plays during the Car wash.

Save The Lies - Gabriella Cilmi
Elena discovers about the Stefan and Damon Salvatore of 1953, the car wash continious.

Boom - Anjulie
Bonnie puts fire in a car during car wash.

Beauty Of The Dark - Mads Langer
Caroline mom's talks to her, Stefan finds Zac dead, Bonnie goes to her grams. Elena put all the pieces together about Stefan's mistery.

Xoxo, Elle

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